About Me

Welcome! I'm a fifth-year PhD student in Psychology at the Ohio State University. I graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2019 with double majors in Psychology and Statistics. During my time in graduate school, I study the role of attention and memory in preferential decisions, under the supervision of Prof. Ian Krajbich.


One line of my research focuses on understanding the psychological components that drive decisions/experiences. Here, I use process-tracing tools (e.g., eye-tracking) and computational modeling to gain insights into how we make decisions and how we shape experiences.

The other line of my research investigates how social perception of others (i.e., other humans or AI) shapes our social learning, beliefs, and judgements.

By combining different research perspectives and scaling up different computational components, I hope to provide a better understanding for judgements and decisions with real-life consequences, such as those pertain to policy making, human well-being, and business organizations.


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  • Yang, X. , & Krajbich, I. (2021).Webcam-based online eye-tracking for behavioral research. Judgment and Decision making, 16(6), 1485-1505.